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Of all the bible lands, Israel is probably the one that raises most concerns for travellers and their loved ones at home. At Citystate, we understand this all too well, having families who love us and pray for our safety and well-being every time we head for the Promised Land. Yet like other Christians who have returned safely and with a deepened sense of faith, we are eager to share our experiences in the hope that as many will desire to do the same! Of course, being ever mindful of safety we would not encourage you to go if we felt you might be in the slightest danger at any time.


Established in 1948, the State of Israel is the middle-east's only parliamentary democracy with a modern economy.


The Palestinian Authority (PA) was established in the Gaza Strip and biblical Samaria (what the world calls 'the West Bank') in 1994. Hamas, a US-designated terrorist organisation, took control of the Gaza Strip in June 2007 and exercises control there. PA security forces are responsible for keeping order in certain areas, and the PA exercises a range of civil functions in those areas of 'the West Bank'.


Official guidance on entry, customs requirements and other matters may not always be available. However, tourist facilities are widely available and you may visit the website of the Israel Tourism Authority at www.goisrael.com for more information.






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“The MFA eRegister system is a voluntary and free service provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to all Singapore citizens who travel or reside overseas. Regardless of whether you are travelling abroad for study, work or leisure, the eRegister system allows you to record information about your travel itinerary abroad. The information you provide will allow MFA and our Embassies or Consulates to contact and render assistance to you during an emergency or crisis (eg natural disasters, civil unrest, etc). For the eRegister system to be effective, we encourage you to eRegister at least three days before your intended date of your confirmed travel.” - MFA


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