Did you know that several events have given this bible land a special place in early Christian history? Father Abraham resided in what is now eastern Turkey before embarking on his journey to Canaan. Turkey hosts the seven churches of Revelation. Believers in Jesus were first called 'Christians' in Antioch. The apostle Paul was born in Tarsus. The apostle Paul visited many places in Turkey while on his missionary journeys. And the bible records the mountains of Ararat as the landing site of Noah's ark. Excited? Pack your bags and join us for a journey of discovery in this colourful bible land.








TARSUS The romantic meeting between Cleopatra and Mark Anthony took place here.


EUPHRATES Is the name of one of Eden's four river heads (Gen 2:14).





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Philadelphia An important Christian centre during Byzantine times, it is another of the seven churches (Rev 3:7) named in the book Revelation.


Sardis felt the influence of Christianity very early and is listed among the seven churches of Revelation (Rev 3:1). Its history dates back to 12th century BC.


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