Israel & The Region


For Christians, Israel is the land of Jesus, and home to many a place that validates scripture. A visit to Israel is more than a sightseeing trip, it is an experience! You'll walk where Jesus walked; where He lived, comforted, wrought great miracles, died, rose, ascended and where He will return to establish His kingdom. Many visitors to Israel have returned - transformed - with a deep appreciation of the bible and renewed faith in the LORD. We encourage you to pay this bible land a visit as well as other traditional biblical sites in the region. You'll be transformed!








Petra Governorate, Jordan, it was named as one of the new 7 wonders of the World in 2007


Mount Nebo On this mountain in biblical Moab (western Jordan), the LORD showed Moses the Promised Land (Deu 34:1-3)



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Ein Gedi Prophesied to be one of the places by the Dead Sea where fishermen will cast their nets. (Eze 47:10)


Dead Sea The lowest point on earth at some 400m below sea level, it will one day support life! (Eze 47:10)




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Qumran The 2000-year-old Dead Sea scrolls were discovered in caves by a Bedouin boy in 1947.


BEIT SHEAN One of the great Decapolis cities, where Jesus taught. (Mk 7:31)





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